Learning to play one or more instruments helps keep my mind working and my body active. - Burla C 


The experience has been educational, stimulating and fun. At the end of each band session I walk away feeling energized and excited. - Sabina 


It's fun to play an instrument in a group, to learn to listen for the various parts of other instruments and to hear how these parts blend together in the band. - Bev


As a retiree and new member  of the Guelph community, NHBG has given me a safe, fulfilling musical challenge, a wonderful group of sincere friends, and opportunities to join other music making groups in the area. - Robert


The New Horizons Band has been just challenging enough to exercise my brain, but not hard enough to overwhelm me. It's a lot more fun than Sudoku! - Theresa

I last played 40 years ago, and was surprised how quickly it all came back to me. Now I am having great fun, learning, meeting new people, and feeling a sense of accomplishment. - Terry