2021 SPRING PROGRAMS, starting the week of April 12 will be providing you with musical experiences, modified in our current COVID-19 environment to provide maximum safety to our members. Most will be online playing you can do from home.

In addition to playing music for 1 hour, programs will have time for a social component so you can keep connected with your fellow band members.

All online programs are $60 for 6 weeks. 

Enrolment is a 2 STEP PROCESS:

1. Register for your programs here: REGISTRATION FORM (Register by April 6)

2. Payment instructions can be found here: PAYMENT  


Jazz Improvisation - Zoom and Jamulus - Monday Mornings - 6 Weeks - $60

  • Learn how to improvise in a jazz setting.  The focus is on playing jazz blues tunes and learning how to interact with others to create a jazz solo.  Using blues scales and reading chord changes are taught while learning some basic fun jazz tunes.  Any level of experience is welcome but an introductory level of music theory would be beneficial.  The level of music reading is not a challenge; more emphasis is placed on listening and creating a musical reaction to what you hear.

Popular Music Ensemble - Online Jamulus & Zoom - Tuesday Mornings 6 Weeks - $60 

  • The focus will be on playing popular music (eg. Broadway show tunes) with a diverse instrumentation. We will learn how to set up the optimal hardware and software needed for a successful online experience.
  • Explore the following links for examples of how Zoom and Jamulus can be used synchronously in a remote (online) environment.   

Little Big Band - Zoom and Jamulus - Wednesday Mornings - 6 Weeks - $60

  • In the style of a traditional Jazz Big band or Swing Band, this ensemble will have a focus on developing a large and diverse repertoire. Membership in the ensemble is by audition or invitation. The ability to adapt to a variety of musical styles as well as instrumentation will be a factor for membership in this group.  The focus of this ensemble will be on reading music in a jazz big band style with some opportunities for improvisation. 

Zoom Concert Band - Online Zoom - Thursday Mornings 6 Weeks - $60 

  • A wide variety of musical styles will be explored. Grade 2-4 level. Members will play along with a recording of the song while watching the conductor. Sections of each song can be isolated and slowed down to help everyone learn their part. We will all learn together without hearing each other’s progress so play as hard or soft as you like!

FunkBucket Percussion Ensemble  - Friday Mornings Cancelled due to Covid restrictions - 6 Weeks - $80

  • Do you have a heartbeat? Can you hit a bucket with a stick? Then you are OVER-qualified to join Adam for an exploration of rhythm reading, groove, time and fun! Enjoy the connection of group drumming, on buckets of course. All are welcome. 



Spring Sessions start the week of April 12. (Details on the programs and registration information can be found by clicking HERE)

MONDAY:       - Jazz Improvisation Online Jamulus & Zoom

TUESDAY:       - Popular Music Ensemble - Online Jamulus & Zoom

WEDNESDAY - Little Big Band Online Jamulus & Zoom 

THURSDAY     - Zoom Concert Band - - Variety of band music  - Online Zoom


FRIDAY           - FunkBucket Percussion Ensemble (Unfortunately, cancelled due to COVID Restrictions) 





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Here is what Brent is looking at when he conducts online programs

Here is what Brent is looking at when he conducts online programs


  • I really enjoyed Jamulus. It was the next best thing to actually playing with others surrounding you. The music was great in both sessions … it was a good mix.

  • What a great job you are doing in keeping us going until we can get back together again in person. Thanks

  • So so happy to have an opportunity to play with the gang !

  • Many thanks for all the effort that has gone into making this happen. I don't know what I would have done otherwise.

  • Thanks.  It has been challenging, educational and a lot of fun. I appreciate Brent's hard work and patience, both in teaching and dealing with technologically challenged individuals such as myself. 

  • Really glad you decided to try this. Playing music has been an essential part of my "happiness plan" during these Covid days.

  • Thanks for making this program happen . It was terrific. I think it’ll be even more important to enjoy through a Covid winter!

  • I've enjoyed the more cheerful, upbeat selections - they are a real mood-booster.  And … nobody can hear me when I laugh out loud when I play wrong notes or it sounds awful.

We miss everybody!

We miss everybody!